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Thank you for taking the time to come and have a look at our previous winners. These writers have sweated ink and repaired sore fingers to get their entry in.  You could be here too all you need to do is head to the competitions page and enter.  You have to be in it to win it. We accept entries from the whole world.

A point to note we will only show the winners over the past years issues and will be updated after each issue release. If you wanted to have the exhaustive list please email for the list.

Winners from March 2022 Competitions

Please say hello to the winners of the March 2022 writing competitions. These were the cream of the crop in each competition. Well done all!

Angela Lombardo

The Wand

Winner - The 300

I liked this story and chose it as my winner as it is thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. It gave me the impression of a mercenary at an inn telling this tale to curry favour for employment.



Emma-Lynn Picolo

Witch River

Winner - Say What!

I liked this story and chose it as my winner because the piece is very atmospheric. The story is full of well-crafted description and builds up the tension nicely. I appreciated the use of the dialogue which is what this competition is all about.

I think this could grow into a novel and I encourage Emma to look at that.



Rachel Atkins

A Darkened Path

Winner - Yes it's Free

This story was chosen as my winner because it starts so innocuously and innocent and then takes you on a twisting and turning rabbit hole of fantasy horror.

Rachel has written this story very well a clever mix of dialogue with a healthy dose of description kept me hooked to the last scene.



Winners from December 2021 Competitions

Please say hello to the winners of the December 21 writing competitions. These were the cream of the crop in each competition. Well done all!

Catherine Mason

The Arena

Winner - Picture That

I love all things to do with gladiatorial battles. Catherine’s story is packed full of action and I think she took the image and crafted something unique and entertaining. A very well compiled story certainly one author to watch for the future.


Steven Gibney

Interupted Battle

Winner - The 300

I picked this entry as my winner as it is well written and has a sweet twist. I really like stories that lead you down the garden path to a totally different outcome. I really enjoyed this story and a worthy winner. 


Paul Sumner

The Tinder Forest

Winner - Say What?

Paul has written a great story and if you have been following the Magazine I love a good twist. The  writing was very well paced and was tense when it needed to be. A very enjoyable short story.


Winners from September 2021 Competition's

Competition -Forbidden Friendship

You’re a young royal in disguise who befriends a villager with a scarred face. The next day, he’s arrested for stealing something you gave to him. Saving his life will mean risking everything.

Title: Forest of Secrets

Written by Rebekah Cooper

Position - Winner

Editors remarks

In my humblest opinion: I picked Rebekah’s story out as my winner because I was drawn in from the start. The story has a very comfortable and readable pace with an equal mix of Dialogue and description. This story takes you on a complete journey and for a short story, this is key. I also can relate to the characters they are well rounded and very relatable. All in all, this is a very well thought out story with a twist on the ending. Very enjoyable read.

Title: The Mountie

Written by JJ Mokrzewski

Position - Runner Up

In my humblest opinion: JJ has written a brilliant piece  I felt that I was rooting for the protagonist from the start. The Mountie is a very well composed story not taking away from the quality of the writing but  Forest of Secrets just pipped The Mountie at the line.


Again this story had a great mix of Action and adventure and well thought out characters it was a tough decision as both the winner and runner up were such good entries.



Winners from June 2021 Competition's

Competition -2k Flash

While exploring an abandoned rubbish dump location off the coast, a young boy discovers an ancient sword.

Title: Road to Justice

Written by Victoria Liiv

Position - Winner

Editors remarks

This story is a different viewpoint on the rag to riches trope, with a touch of Arthurian legend. A very well written story and you end up feeling for the character. This story could easily be part one of a full-blown fantasy novel. Keep an eye on Victoria Liiv definitely one to watch for the future. Feel free to download her entry here