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Thank you for taking the time to come and have a look at our previous winners. These writers have sweated ink and repaired sore fingers to get their entry in.  You could be here too all you need to do is head to the competitions page and enter.  You have to be in it to win it. We accept entries from the whole world.

A point to note we will only show the winners over the past years issues and will be updated after each issue release. If you wanted to have the exhaustive list please email for the list.

Winners from prior to Launch

Competition - Launch competition

Before bed, you put your clock back one hour for daylight saving time. When you wake up, you realize you've gone back a lot more than one hour.

Title: Manic Monday

Written by Josie Lane

Position - Winner

Editors remarks

Josie has written a brilliant piece about an everyday item a Mobile phone. (cell if you are American.) She also marries that with a groundhog day kind of theme all the while ramping up the tension until the crescendo of the finale. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece. She was a very worthy winner. Feel free to download her entry here

Winners from September's Issue

Competition -2k Flash

While exploring an abandoned rubbish dump location off the coast, a young boy discovers an ancient sword.

Title: Road to Justice

Written by Victoria Liiv

Position - Winner

Editors remarks

This story is a different viewpoint on the rag to riches trope, with a touch of Arthurian legend. A very well written story and you end up feeling for the character. This story could easily be part one of a full-blown fantasy novel. Keep an eye on Victoria Liiv definitely one to watch for the future. Feel free to download her entry here